If you’re seeking the perfect comedian or speaker for an upcoming event, turn to me, Gail Stocker. I have been called “kind of an icon” because I’ve been around a long time and I’ve worked with many major comics and I’m just one or two degrees removed from all the rest in the comedy business. Are you?

How many comics do you know personally? I maintain relationships with hundreds of comics and Hollywood agents. I’ve worked with all of the biggest names in the world of comics and speakers. I’m familiar with their performance requirements, their personal requests, contracts and other business details. I also work with an array of other entertainers and motivational speakers. Do you?

Consider a few additional questions:
Do you know what to look for in a comic?
Do you know how to find the right comic for your event and your audience?
Is your budget realistic for the caliber of performer that you’re seeking to book?
Do you know the difference between local performers and nationally-known comics?

There is so much to consider when you’re hiring entertainers for an event. Corporate comedy performers are unique from other styles of stand-up comedy, while a motivational speaker can also be ideal for a corporate event.

Whether it’s a corporate event that requires a corporate or a business comedy pro, a private event, fundraiser, or celebration, I am well-positioned to help you find the right comic. The wrong performer can ruin an event.. When you work with me, there’s no need to worry about inappropriate material that will leave you embarrassed — or worse. I work as a broker of sorts, forging connections between event planners and entertainers, comics and speakers so you’ll be paired with a clean performer who will perfectly suit your audience and your event.

Turn to one of the industry’s experts when it comes to finding the perfect comic or speaker for your upcoming event. You want your event to be the best, so hire the best consultant in the industry. Contact me today and allow me to answer all of your questions and together, we’ll find the perfect comic for your occasion.



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