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Oct, 28, 2014

“Gail’s a meshuggeneh, but she’s my meshuggeneh.”
Robert Wuhl

He is such a pro and a multi-talent. Not many can write appropriate, tailored new material for an event and then perform it”
Gail Stocker

“His presentaion was great. Informative, well-researched, funny.”
-Joanna Berens, Conference Partners Inc.

In January 2011, THE ROBERT WUHL SHOW premiered on the Westwood One radio network marking yet another chapter in the ever-evolving career of ROBERT WUHL. Whether performing as an actor, writer, producer, director, (and now talk-show host), ROBERT WUHL refers to himself as one thing — a storyteller. This is never more illustrated than in his Award winning HBO Comedy Specials, “Assume the Position with Mr. Wuhl”, and “Assume the Position 201” in which he lectures actual college students about “the stories that made up American, and the Stories that America made up.”

Robert was the creator and star of ARLI$$, one of the longest-running original series in HBO history. In its seven seasons on HBO ARLI$$, a satire of the world of professional sports, achieved a rare feat growing in numbers each and every year, as it crossed the line between comedy and dramatic social commentary, presenting such issues as Domestic Abuse, Homosexuality, Ageism, Racism, Alcoholism, and Steroid abuse in sports.

WUHL has also been critically praised for this work in films such as Bull Durham, Batman, Good Morning Vietnam, Mistress, Blaze, and Cobb. In 1996, he directed, wrote, and starred in the independent feature, OPEN SEASON, a biting satire of the TV ratings system.

In addition, WUHL has been twice honored with Emmy Awards in ‘91 and ‘92 for writing the Academy Awards telecasts hosted by Billy Crystal. He also received CableAce Best Actor nominations in both drama (Tales from the Crypt), and comedy (Arliss).

As a comedian, Robert starred in his own HBO Comedy Hour titled, Robert Wuhl’s WorldTour, and is a frequent performer on Comic Relief.

But, in the beginning… after High School in Union, N.J., Robert headed to the University of Houston (where artist and director Julian Schnabel was his roommate). Leaving Houston, (“after cramming four years into seven”), Wuhl returned to the east coast and began performing at The Improv in NYC, where he was put on stage by the club’s then-manager (and current CEO of STARZ), Chris Albrecht, with whom he has forged a twenty-five year relationship. His routines were so well-received that Rodney Dangerfield hired Wuhl to write jokes for him.

It was also at the Improv where he met his future wife, Barbara Capelli, to whom he has been married for twenty-seven years.

In 1979, Robert headed to Hollywood where he won the role of “Newbomb Turk” in the cult classic comedy, The Hollywood Knights, and became a writer for the critically acclaimed TV comedy “Police Squad.”

Wuhl has also lent himself to a myriad of charitable causes including the Alzheimer’s Association of Los Angeles, the National Breast Caner Coalition, St. Jude’s, Save the Music, Children Uniting Nations, and Heal the Bay.

In his little spare time, Wuhl does allow himself a few pleasures, an occasional round of golf, rotisserie baseball, and traveling with his wife, Barbara, and their dogs, Max and Sadie Rose.



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