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Oct, 20, 2014
“Corporate comedy [involves] a private event with no admission charge where everybody is there for some specific reason, so they all have one thing in common. The nature of the corporate event could be a new product line or a new advertising campaign. Or it could be to add a stretch or break between long business sessions. Or it could be an awards banquet or a celebration of a goal that your company has achieved There are many, many kinds of corporate events, so it takes some dedication to finding the right comic,” explained Gail Stocker, founder of Gail A. Stocker Presents, a Los Angeles-based corporate comedy consulting firm that’s dedicated to finding talented comedic performers for virtually any occasion.

A comedic performer can breathe life into virtually any corporate event, whether it’s a convention or conference, a launch party or even the company picnic or holiday party. Unlike musicians, who more commonly serve as a background act rather than the focal point, and speakers, who may not deliver the entertainment value you, require, comedians have the power to capture the audience.


Price is a common concern when it comes to event entertainment and the same rings true for hiring corporate comedians. Finding an affordable online comedian may seem like an easy, affordable option, but the adage “you get what you pay for” often rings true and a bad comedian can make for a rather disastrous event.


At corporate events, there’s the added concern when it comes to the appropriateness and tact. Even a celebration is a corporate celebration, so tact and appropriateness is an essential consideration. Cursing, crudeness and offensive jokes simply aren’t acceptable in most corporate event settings.


Unfortunately, if a company who is hiring a corporate comedian goes with the “bargain basement” option over a professional comedian, they may end up with an entertainer who is not familiar with corporate performances.


“At a corporate event, you want a comedian who will not offend…who will say the right things in the right way, and who will be polite and responsible. The rare exception to this is a roast, where you are not necessarily saying polite things, but that’s an exception,” Stocker explained of professional comedians who specialize in corporate entertainment.


When looking for help finding a comedian, it’s typically best to seek out a comedian who’s an experienced corporate comedian…  A comedy consulting firm such as Stocker’s is also a great option for individuals who are seeking an affordable, talented professional comedian.


A humorous, classy comedian can be the icing on the cake at your event! A bad, offensive comedian has the power to make your event a very memorable one — but memorable in a very negative way!








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