We all have stories about AT&T. This is mine.
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Sep, 1, 2016


We all have stories about AT&T.  This is mine.

I have always been amused that a communication company is so bad at communicating.  An article from the New York Times explains some of the difficulties.  Cost cutting studies conclude it is cheaper to redirect the customer than to respond promptly.  Remember, you can always be disconnected.  Every new contact insists you start at the beginning and won’t proceed until you do.  Until infinity.

Every AT&T person in my experience has been unfailingly polite and trained in obfuscation.  You know this is happening when no matter your comment, you get the same response.  This can continue as long as you like but be aware that your information is not being received.  It is ever thus.

I decided to write this when I added up all the hours I have spent trying to resolve an issue that was caused by AT&T misrepresenting the cost and conditions of a security system.

After it was installed, I was visited by the sheriff twice and the list of irritations was multiplied by numerous interactions with AT&T that didn’t help. It never worked and after requesting complete shut-down it continues to beep at irregular intervals.

The day I got the bill, which I dispute, I called AT&T and waited an hour for a representative. I tried again next day.   They never answered.

So I went to the AT&T store multiple times and meet lots of representatives, including one young lady who amused me by suggesting that she could represent me in my issue.  She didn’t return phone calls or e-mails either.  Apparently we are entitled one response before we are redirected and have to start over.

I have goals:

I never want to tell AT&T my story again.  I asked them to keep notes.

I want this resolved to my satisfaction.

I want to stop spending time with AT&T.

I wish I could make this funnier.  Can you help?

Do you have stories too?


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