Steve Altman

“Gail has great vision, which she then passes onto me, which makes me look good to the client. I love it when other people make me look good. Thanks, Gail.”
Steve Altman

Steve Altman tours as a stand-up comedian using a sampling keyboard as a gateway to his madness. Dennis Miller called him the “Laurie Anderson of comedy” and Rolling Stone called his show “…a dizzying display of man and machine.”

His television credits include A & E’s Evening at the Improv, Showtime’s Comedy Club Network, Caroline’s Comedy Hour, MTV, VH1, Fox’s Comic Strip Live and HBO.

As a musician Steve has written songs for Jose Feliciano and Smokey Robinson, scored The Rudy Coby Show on Fox and Going Wild for the Disney Channel.

He’s currently working on his own show, Simulated Television for Showtime.

“There are two kinds of comedians in this world … Steve Altman is both of them.” – L.A. CALENDAR

“Trailing a futuristic vision, Steve pulls you into his world and you want to go … freely.” – VARIETY




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