Sue Kolinsky

Sue Kolinsky started her comedy career as a waitress in New York City. After making a cynical remark to a customer (which got her fired) she decided to take her humor somewhere it would be better appreciated… The Original Improvisation. And it was.

For the past 20 years Sue has been appreciated by comedy audiences across the country. Her comedy skills landed her a job as the original host of Short Attention Span Theater on Comedy Central.

Other television appearances include, The Tonight Show, Comic Strip Live, Up-Close, two specials for Lifetime and Bob Hope’s Young Comedian’s Special on NBC.

Sue’s comedy has been described as witty, inventive and intelligent. Cutting edge social commentary that isn’t condescending.

Variety says, “Sue Kolinsky is a comedian who happens to be a woman, rather than the other way around. She’s not afraid to use her perspective on life for her jokes, but doesn’t rely on her gender as the source of her material… Her stage presence and material mark her as someone to watch.”

Along with her numerous television appearances, Sue has traveled the world performing for the military with the USO.

She has also written for the WB show, “Brotherly Love”, HBO’s “Sex and the City”, and “The Ellen Show”.

Sue is currently segment-producing episodes of “The Osbournes” for MTV.



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