Scott Bloom
Category: Corporate Comedians, Host/MC
Oct, 8, 2014

A professional emcee who has hosted hundreds of corporate events and headlined at as many of the nation’s top comedy clubs, Scott Bloom can custom tailor his unique brand of showmanship to meet your needs.

Whether opening the general session, introducing executives, entertaining between official presentations or crafting segues that underscore your conference objectives, Scott is a valuable asset at any important gathering.

His presence adds the magical glue that holds a meeting together, giving it continuity, consistency and charismatic appeal.

His intelligence and vibrancy creates a dynamic and instant rapport with the audience.  He’ll get them all going and going strong with program warm-ups and participation games to kick off sessions and move them into breaks.

His charm and gracious introductions provide smooth transitions that add a veneer of distinction to all the speakers.  Whether through personal introductions or prerecorded pieces, he puts them at ease … and into the limelight.

Pair that with his sharp sense of humor and ability to improv, and he can take moments of important material and make them seriously funny and always memorable.

Scott is the “go to” talent when looking for a co-host , Master of Ceremonies or Emcee. He has been called “the Billy Crystal of corporate meetings”.



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