Rondell Sheridan

Rondell Sheridan has the ability to transform ordinary occurrences into hilarious and hearty tales. This is a mark of a truly great comedian: In an age where stand-up is under attack for its bawdy content, Sheridan disarms his audiences with a wholesome ease, a mixture of playful physicality, facial expressions and a gift to continually shift comedic gears and personas.

“Minor Adjustments” was co-created by Sheridan and will forever be remembered as the first and only show to premiere on one network (NBC) then to be sold and aired on a second (UPN) during the same TV season.

“Minor Adjustments” proved to be a perfect vehicle for Sheridan, it was a family comedy described as a cross between “The Bob Newhart Show” and “The Cosby Show.” Sheridan portrayed a child psychologist, who was the voice of sanity amongst his dysfunctional co-workers, family and friends.



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Sandy Evans / April 11, 2017 at 8:29 pm

My husband and I saw Rondell recently on Royal Caribbean cruise out of Puerto Rico…HE WAS HILARIOUS….AND, a very nice man as well. He interacted with a lot of people on board and everyone liked him. We live in Virginia Beach and hope that he will come to our area soon so we can see his show with our family…We love good comedy, and that is what Rondell does. Not a lot of ‘dirty’ jokes, etc…he is funny without having to go in that direction. LOVE HIM….


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