Robert Mac
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Oct, 6, 2014

Robert Mac has been performing comedy for more years than he’s willing to admit, but he’s finally getting national recognition for his work. Last year he was the winner of Comedy Central’s Laugh Riots Stand-up Competition, as well being a finalist in The San Francisco International Comedy Competition. This summer he will be appearing in the prestigious Just for Laughs Comedy Festival in Montreal, where fame and fortune are just around the corner. Right?

Mac was raised in Arizona, where the air and the comedy are bone dry. With three years of subtle material under his belt, he made the move to California, where he first experienced life in the big city. The pace is quicker, the citizens more diverse, the lights brighter and the stakes higher.

His act has transformed accordingly over the years, from clever word play to cultural observation to mock-game show to its current incarnation, social satire with a twist of sarcasm.



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