Ricky Kalmon
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Oct, 14, 2014

Breaking the mold from traditional hypnosis shows – no dark atmosphere or eerie music, Ricky Kalmon combines his hypnotic talents with exceptional timing and charm. For the last twenty years, Kalmon has been a sought after headliner at corporate events, casinos and comedy club theaters. In his work with Fortune 500 companies, Kalmon has shown executives and employees at all levels how to break through the negative barriers in their lives and bring out their best.

In 2005 Kalmon’s national TV show was launched and was picked up for a Second Season in the same year. Star of his own TV show Seeing Stars that airs on the TV Guide Channel, Hypnotist Ricky Kalmon gives you a chance to become your favorite celebrity and have your fifteen minutes of fame! Every week on Seeing Stars, Kalmon encounters real people on the streets of Los Angeles and hypnotizes them to become TV personalities. The volunteers actually think they are characters on their favorite TV shows! They might think that they are Dr. Phil giving advice to people, Paris Hilton on a shoe shopping spree or even Sydney Bristow, from Alias interrogating a suspect. New episodes of Seeing Stars air Tuesday nights at 9 pm Est. on the TV Guide Channel and repeats during the week at different times. Check your local listing. Seeing Stars is one of the top rated shows for the Network.

Whether the audience is a corporate event, casino showroom or comedy club theater, It’s The Only Comedy Show Where The Audience Becomes The Stars®.



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