Paula Poundstone

As one of the most popular stand-up comedians in the country today, Paula Poundstone’s humor knows no bounds and she continually goes where no comedian has gone before: providing backstage commentary to the ’93 Emmy Awards telecast; adding humor to the pre- and post-shows for the ’94 Oscar Awards; serving as ‘official correspondent’ for The Tonight Show during the ’92 Presidential race.

Her ability to create humor on the spot is legendary and with her casual air, impeccable timing and razor-sharp wit, she raises stand-up to an art form.

As a performer, Paula enjoys a uniquely intimate rapport with her audience. Her relaxed, comfortably humorous wanderings from topic to topic turn each show into a brilliant stream-of-consciousness experience, with no two performances being exactly alike.

Her off-kilter view of the world and her complete honesty strike a receptive chord and have led to an impressive list of achievements: two Cable ACE Awards (cable TV’s highest honor), an American Comedy Award as Best Female Stand-Up, a local Emmy award as producer and star of a special piece for PBS station KCET’s Life & Times, her own comedy series on both HBO and ABC and numerous special appearances including headlining the prestigious White House Correspondents Dinner in ’92 (she’s the first woman ever invited to do so), the Comedy Hall of Fame Awards on NBC in October ’94 and the ABC specials A Gala For The President at Ford’s Theatre in both ’94 and ’95.



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