Monica Piper

Monica Piper was a Campfire Girl… in the Bronx. “You sense your life isn’t normal when you’re sitting on the D train with a bag of marshmallows and a twig.”

Monica began her career as a high school English teacher. While finding it rewarding, she had to move on. “I couldn’t handle the money and prestige.”  Always able to FIND the FUNNY, she was driven to make people laugh. She became a stand-up comic and soon landed her own Ace award-winning Showtime Special, “No, Monica, Just You.” The American Comedy Awards deemed her one of the top five female comics in America.  She has opened for Jerry Seinfeld, Gloria Estefan, Neil Sedaka, and The Smothers Brothers.

Monica was recruited by Ms. Barr herself to write on Roseanne the number #1 show in the country.  Thus began her career as a sit-com writer. She went on to write for Mad About You and Veronica’s Closet.

Monica became a mother and knew that sit-com hours and parenthood didn’t mesh. She turned to animation and eventually became the head writer of Rugrats, for which she won an Emmy in 2003 and an Emmy nomination in 2004. She then developed and ran, All Grown Up for Nickelodeon and created and wrote the pilot for Disney’s Stupid Cupid. But that wasn’t enough. She did voices too, and launched a career as a voice over actor.  She now uses her experience to teach work teams everywhere to confront conflict in their “cartoon voice.” Yes, even CEO’s.

Then, a life-altering event occurred. Monica was diagnosed with breast cancer. If ever she had to FIND the FUNNY, it was then. In between surgeries and a course of radiation therapy, she turned back to her true love, performing.  Her sharp wit engaged audiences as she tracked her treatment and recovery one joke at a time. Monica has shared her philosophy with Wellness Communities such as Premiere Oncology’s “Tumor Humor,” providing skill-building tips on how to FIND the FUNNY. Monica is presently cancer-free.

Monica realized, “If I can FIND the FUNNY in cancer, I can teach people to FIND the FUNNY in anything!” And that she does. She transitioned from the entertainment world to the corporate, imparting her laugh-out-loud and motivating advice at conventions, annual sales meetings, retreats, workshops, and leadership training sessions.

Monica is presently trying to FIND the FUNNY in life with her teenage son. “We’ve been saying it wrong all these years. It’s not “teenager.” It’s “teenAGER!” Parenting groups leave her performances less stressed and armed with surefire coping techniques.  Monica combines her skills, talent and experience to bring audiences her brand of uproarious yet insightful advice. As funny as it is, people take it seriously.

Monica Piper’s One-Woman Show Farmisht, Farklempt and Farblungit!



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Edee Shuman / April 20, 2015 at 1:35 am

I live in Las Vegas and would like to know if Monica will be performing here. My nieces who have just seen her in Los Angeles have told me I must find a way to see her. I am 92 years old and they have told me I will love her performance. I would greatly appreciate a reply. Thank you. Edee


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