Mike MacDonald
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Oct, 6, 2014

Mike MacDonald, considered one of the top funnymen in Canada and a featured headliner in clubs throughout the U.S., understands the power of laughter. As the son of a career Canadian Air Force officer, MacDonald learned at an early age that humor has its uses. “I guess I’m one of the few air force brats who found out that comedy was an easy way to make friends quickly,” says MacDonald. “Since we moved often, I had to find ways of breaking into a new gang of kids.”

MacDonald performed throughout Canada and made frequent forays into the U.S. In addition to his successful live performances all over North America, MacDonald has appeared in numerous TV shows including “Late Night with David Letterman,” “The Arsenio Hall Show,” “HBO’s 7th Annual Young Comedians Special,” Showtime’s “Comedy Club Network All-Star Show,” and “Just for Laughs,” “The Late Show with Joan Rivers,” “Nite Life with David Brenner,” “An Evening at the lmprov” and “The USO Comedy Tour. ” He was also featured in the Touchstone movie “Three Fugitives” with Nick Nolte and Martin Short.

MacDonald has starred in three Showtime and CBS specials: “Mike MacDonald: On Target,” “My House! My Rules!” and “Happy as I Can Be.” He was the host of the “Just for Laughs” CBC tenth anniversary special. He hosted the highly rated “Mike MacDonald Politically Correct Christmas Special” for the CBC and starred in “The Rogers’ Cable,” a 10-minute short film and entrant in the Cannes Film Festival.

MacDonald lives in Los Angeles with his wife, Bonnie.



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