Karen Mills

Karen Mills is a comic on the move. She’s worked with Jon Stewart, written for Rosie O’Donnell and toured with “Southern Fried Chicks.” Karen and the Southern Fried Chicks are the female answer to the “Blue Collar Tour” and have sold out theaters across the country.

This southern girl combines her ‘deep south’ heritage with her ‘new south’ attitude. Her humor is smart and observational. Country folks refer to her as ‘the thinker’. You may have heard her sharp wit in the Bob & Tom show.

Karen first started entertaining crowds in the sports arena. She played basketball at the University of Tennessee where she earned all American honors and was inducted into the hall of fame.

In addition to headlining top comedy clubs across the country, Karen is also a favorite in the corporate world. Her client list includes American Express, Pepsi, Marriott, AFLAC, AT&T and many more.

This natural performer has a keen sense of timing. Her like ability and playfulness gives her a broad audience appeal. Some of her favorite topics are the self-help craze, aging and the breakdown of her own body.



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