Joss Whedon is not here for silly men upset over female-only “Wonder Woman” Screening
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Jun, 5, 2017

Joss Whedon is no stranger to creating and portraying kick-ass women on screen, so it comes as no surprise that he’s down with Wonder Woman.  What is he not down with? Manplaining (the new mansplaining?) over the female only screening of Wonder Women in Austin, TX.  I mean – God forbid women have their own safe space to enjoy themselves, right? It’s not like sports clubs and private clubs and colleges and… well EVERYTHING have been/ are exclusively male, right? It’s not like there are Gentleman’s Clubs or Mancaves, right? Because women might feel excluded. Can you imagine women’s fragile egos being shattered by being excluded? LOL. No- ladies havebigger problems.

Joss fired back at fragile manplainers: “I got to see Wonder Woman by myself weeks ago so shut up there’s already been a man-only screening. Oh and it’s a godddamn delight.”

You are a delight, also, Joss.



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