Johnny Steele

Johnny Steele started performing Stand-Up comedy in 1984 and within just a few years was performing at top clubs in the industry. But after criss-crossing the country a few times Johnny began to tire of the generic humor so popular in clubs at the time and began a search for a more meaningful subject matter and performance style.

He studied the great satirists, especially Lenny Bruce, and devoured newspaper’s editorial pages with highlighter pen in hand. Soon he peppered his act with opinions about things that outraged him— greed, materialism, hypocrisy.

The formula was a hit and in 1992 Johnny won the prestigious SFICC. Bud Freedman, of Improv fame, said Johnny reminded him of an irritated Mort Sahl.

Johnny has done many roasts, including one for former San Francisco Mayor Willy Brown. In recent years Johnny has been the host of “Live 105”, his own morning radio show, and co-host of KRON / BayTV’s “The Show”, a daily TV talk show in San Francisco.



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