Joe  Wong
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Oct, 14, 2014

Joe  Wong headlined the Radio and TV Correspondents’ Dinner where he roasted  vice president Joe Biden. He made multiple appearances on the David  Letterman and Ellen Degeneres shows.

Joe’s  life has been very boring except two surprises in 2010. He went to the  Great American Comedy Festival and won the competition there. Then he  became Boston Comedian of the Year, after failing to become Boise Idaho  comedian of the year.

Joe is a dedicated social networker, Facebook status commentator, a verbose twitterer, and an avid spam email reader.

Joe holds liquor well. He just throws up everything else.

Joe  makes fun of himself in his standup routines. When Joe’s son is 3 years  old, he would climb up a stool and say, “Hi I’m Irish!” Yes a 3 year  old gets ahead of Joe in mocking him.

Joe  loves Starbucks and called soy milk “soy sauce” on more than one  occasion. He later on claims soy milk should have been called white soy  sauce to begin with.

He likes watching people relaxing in the parks or on the street benches and wonders how they do it.

Joe goes to the post office and grocery stores a lot. These activities make him feel very competent.

Joe likes his rooms white. This way when he takes pictures there, he saves money on printer ink cartridges.


Finalist at the Boston International Comedy and Film Festival (May 2003) Best Short Film award at the Cambridge Fringe Fest (March 2003) Six-time winner of Standup Comedy Contest at the Lizard Lounge in Cambridge, MA

Miscellaneous Facts

Dream job: work on TV announcing losing lottery numbers. Music: loves classic rock, but there are no new songs in that genre. Music theory: Dave Matthews is a poor man’s Paul Simon; John Mayer is a poor man’s Dave Matthews; Paul Simon is a poor man’s John Mayer.



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