Jim Morris

Comedian, Political Satirist and Impressionist Jim Morris sets his sights on the most prominent personalities in politics and popular culture, the major newsmakers, newscasters, and entertainers on the cutting edge and renders them in spot-on comic performances.

The 2008 hopefuls John McCain, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama joins the extraordinary cast headed by President George W. Bush with Bill Clinton, George H. W. Bush, Dick Cheney and Al Gore plus Rush Limbaugh, Tom Brokaw, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and if the political spirits are just right, an appearance by Ronald Reagan’s Ghost.

Audiences rave over Jim’s ability to fully submerge himself within each character and comically envelop their particular political beliefs, moral ideologies, and personality quirks.

The Boston Herald described Jim as “a one-man Disney attraction with his own Hall of the Presidents.”



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