Jim Jefferies
Category: Comics with Causes
Feb, 26, 2015

Jim Jefferies is an Australian stand-up comedian, actor and writer. He first achieved international popularity after he was attacked onstage while performing at the Manchester Comedy Store. At one time, Jefferies incorporated the incident, including its video recording, into his act: this can be seen on his 2008 DVD Contraband. He became well known in the US after his popular debut stand-up special on HBO. On December 15, Australia-born comedian Jim Jefferies weighed in on the Sydney hostage crisis by claiming it proves that gun control worked in Australia.How so? Because the hostage-taker allegedly used a “shotgun” instead of “semi automatic weapons and hand guns.”
Writing on Facebook, Jefferies said he believes many people will argue that the hostage situation proves that gun control–of which Australia has plenty–does not stop criminals. But Jefferies believes the hostage situation proves just the opposite. “I don’t know what the end result of this stand-off will be, but I do know this, he will only shoot that shotgun once before the police will be in there. This is a piss weak terrorist at best. If this had happened in the USA the guy would have semi automatic weapons and hand guns that could easily kill many people in a short period of time. It seems to me that gun control in Australia is working better than ever.”



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