Jason Stuart

Jason Stuart would be an idea Stand Up Comedian, Host, Grand Marshall or Speaker for your next event. He has been in over 200 film and TV shows, which means he has a large social media following and fan base. He has reached the pinnacle of success when folks spot him and say you’re “That Guy”. I’ve seen you in everything!

Jason has appeared in over 200 films and TV shows from “Will & Grace” to “It’s Always Sunny In Phildelphia” . Jason has had a long and varied career, from my coming out in 1993 on the Geraldo Rivera Show to having a major supporting role in the historical drama “The Birth of a Nation” playing “Joseph Randall” a white, heterosexual, christian, slave owner in 1891 while being a gay liberal Jew! 
He was just seen on Judd Apatow’s hipster series LOVE on Netflix playing opposite Keanu Reeves in the critically acclaimed new comedy SWEDISH DICKS and has had his own stand up comedy special and 2 comedy DVDs. 
He now has his new book coming out this June from CCB Publishing SHUT UP, I’M TALKING!: Coming Out in Hollywood And Making It To The Middle. This funny man has the ability to know when to go for the laughs and in the next moment pull the heart strings of his past. The memoir is about living thru his crazy family who survived the Holocaust and clearing up the wreckage of his past and becoming a man. 

As an artist he is a testament of showing up and tearing down the boundaries as an openly gay man in Hollywood. Jason’s work also transcends from entertainment to real-life as an activist and mentor. He also has been an advocate of diversity and also tours the country with his lecture “Coming Out In Hollywood: Being openly gay in the workplace”. Jason talks about being bullied as a teen and his brush with suicide. As the current SAG-AFTRA’s LGBT Committee National Co-Chair (and creator), Jason was been honored with the Jose Julio Sarria International Civil Rights Award and The She Persisted Award. 



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