Jan McInnis

Jan McInnis uses her 15 years in marketing to poke tasteful fun at the day-to-day procedures, politics and policies that are rife in the office environment. Her experience in the business environment helps her relate well to employees at all levels of the company.

Winner of HBO’s Stand-up, Stand-off Comedy Contest, Jan is a regular performer at major venues such as Catch A Rising Star in Las Vegas & Reno, and the Comedy & Magic Club in Los Angeles. She has performed for corporations such as Western Union and Kaiser-Permanente.

Originally from Washington, D.C., and a member of the last wave of baby boomers, Jan is perfect for all events; her act cuts across all age groups, genders, and locales. In addition to her comedy show, Jan is a professional writer selling over 100 topical jokes a month to radio and television including the Tonight Show monologue. And she has a nationwide weekly radio show “Cubicle Comedy >From The Work Lady,” in which she dispenses humorous work advice.

Jan’s programs include:

Finding the Funny in Communications
Communicating with humor isn’t just for comedians! Learn how to do the humor YOURSELF with this fun, interactive session. Jan combines her hilarious comedy act with practical tips on putting humor into your communications. You can make your speeches and written communications memorable, connect with employees and co-workers immediately, sell products and services, keep people interested in what you have to say, and diffuse tense situations, all by USING HUMOR. And the cool thing is, you don’t need to spend years in classes or weeks working on jokes; you can find the funny FAST with Jan’s quick tips. She’s sold volumes of comedy material to hundreds of radio stations, to the Tonight Show monologue, to CEOs, Speakers, greeting cards AND even to guests on the Jerry Springer Show – (yeah, her parents are proud!) AND she can even toss in a few “rules” for using humor so you don’t get yourself in trouble!

Cubicle Comedy
Finding the Funny in Change
Hilarious Hosting



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