James Stephens III

James Stephens III is an established comedian and actor who has performed on The Dana Carvey and Stephanie Miller shows.

Once a practicing lawyer, Mr. Stephens has honed his talents to become one of the most versatile and entertaining comedy acts working the industry today. A self-proclaimed one-man show, he mixes the best of improvisation, comedy and music to customize each performance. He will make you laugh but, more importantly, he will encourage you to achieve in school and serve your community.

James is an extremely talented comedian and impressionist. One minute he’s Bill Cosby, the next he’s Ray Charles, Michael Jackson, Prince, and Babyface as he performs “Happy Days”. No two shows are the same as James involves the entire audience in each performance.

Mr. Stephens Television credits include Fox’s “The Edge”, MTV’s “1/2 Hour Comedy Hour”, Comedy Central, HBO, VH-1, “Ray Charles: 50 Years in Music”, Black Entertainment Television (BET), Apollo Comedy Hour, NBC’s “Friday Night Videos”, and “Showtime at the Apollo.”



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