Jack Ong

“Gail Stocker has been my friend and trusted confidante for more years than I’m allowed to remember. Her instincts are natural and finely-honed, her integrity is unparalleled, and she’s one person who can always get me to put my money where her mouth is.”
– Jack Ong

Jack Ong is an American-born Chinese actor, writer and activist with a professional background in print journalism, marketing, advertising and public relations.

Jack is a licensed minister with the Missionary Church and executive director of The Dr. Haing S. Ngor Foundation, which he established in 1991 with the late Oscar-winning actor of “The Killing Fields.”

The primary mission of the Haing Ngor Foundation, Jack says, is to develop programs fostering diversity and multicultural understanding through education and outreach. Another Foundation commitment is preserving the legacy of Haing Ngor and his human rights work in Cambodia and America, as well as the history of those who survived the genocidal regime of Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge (1975-1979).

Praise from the University of Florida …

“Jack Ong provided a good historical context as well as a personal account of his growth from individual to activist. He was inspring as well as provided concrete ideas for moving the University of Florida forward.” – Dr. Mary Kay Schneider, Associate Dean of Students, Faculty Advisor for the Asian American Student Union (AASU)

“Ong is an empowering man of humility. He is very moving with his words, and he is passionate about his beliefs–in Asian American progression. … He finds inspiration and gathers energy from the audience.” – Alex Lavigne, fourth year student

“Great! Funny, motivating, entertaining” – Nora Kilroy, Assistant Dean of Off Campus Life, Dean of Students Office

“Ong was funny and personal. It was an influential speech. It is great to see an APA involved in public entertainment.” – Danny, third year student

“powerful, had a lot of passion for what he does. Ong has great energy.” The Vincent Chin story “was emotional…I was able to see the impact of his murder both on the Asian American community and on him.” – Natalia, Graduate Assistant for APA Student Affairs at the Dean of Students Office; Graduate Assistant for AASU



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