Inside Out: The Industry From the Inside Incorporating Comedy Into Corporate Programs
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Oct, 21, 2014

By Gail Stocker

Humor is an important part of business. The ability to make people laugh is an effective tool in sales or presentations, public relations and marketing. Used correctly, humor can be one of your strongest assets. Humor sells, humanizes and positions your client or products.

Because comedy is universal, unless you need a big name act to add a special emphasis to your event, any number of affordable comedians can liven up your crowd, get them in a positive mood and accelerate the presentations that will follow. These acts can be quite affordable and do an excellent job of representing your organization.

Affordable comedians are often identified as star quality professionals with over ten years of experience who may not yet be famous.

In planning an event that involves comedy, there are several different ways you might consider incorporating humor.

Custom Comedy: These are comedians who have many lateral skills. They can write jokes for specific corporate comedy events or topics, create and host game shows or events, present awards or be your master of ceremonies. They can make custom videos or juggle your product and a bowling ball. Quite simply, they take your event and add the “funny.”

Master of Ceremonies: This is a comedic host who makes your show run smoothly, removes long pauses and improves pacing. Your emcee makes your event a success.

Meeting Breaks: Custom “meeting breaks” using variety performers, musical and physical comedians, keeps your audience happy, relaxed and focused. Comedy Casting: Comedy casting adds chemistry and adds energy for corporate and private entertainment. Like all famous pairings, the combination is more than its parts.

Comedy casting adds sizzle to your events. Think of the great comedy teams of the past, updated for your event. Years of experience with comedy and comedians now make this possible.

Voices: You can now have access to Hollywood’s best voice talent. The “voice of God” from offstage can deliver your message. Funny voices can add highlights. These can be live or recorded.

Teamwork: Putting comics together increases the choices for an event- you can have comics who play musical instruments, do impressions, song parodies, or a comic video as well as doing their stand-up act. Comedic teams provide an exceptional blend of talents. With dissimilar, yet compatible gifts, they offer far greater lateral skills and flair than any individual host, yet they are affordable and easy to work with.

Souvenir Video: A souvenir video is a living postcard that highlights an incentive trip or an awards evening, making a lasting impression on your employees or guests. If you want your event to be especially memorable, capture the good times on tape. The host for the video is funny, warm, and experienced at motivating crowds. They’ll help the guests have fun, look and sound great on tape, and provide a record of just how sensational you are.

Professional Quality Comedic Industrial Videos: Star stand-up comedians will customize videos for your corporate events. They provide introductions, greetings, or wraparounds. Produced with network quality for your specific business needs.

 How To Be Cost Effective.
The most cost effective way to use multiple comics is to hire someone who can provide the most choices, book and contract the talent. You also want someone who has long relationships in the comedy business and who understands your needs and budget. You need someone who can visualize comedy, speaks comic and can create teams. Cost: Cost depends on the custom concept, the comics and the duration of the event. Affordable comics working together cost less than a single “name” act and many times are more memorable. I share two goals with comics. We want to put on a good show and get paid. For me, we want to accomplish these goals and those of the client. My goal is to create a win-win-win scenario and the opportunity to spread laughter. Gail Stocker’s company is Gail A. Stocker Presents. She specializes in providing custom comedy presentations for corporate clients. While she has relationships with many of the country’s top comedians, many of her clients rely on her to provide good clean comedy talent skilled in doing corporate events at affordable prices.

This article was originally published in the July/August 2005 issue of American Entertainment Magazine.



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