I love quotes!
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Apr, 29, 2016

I love quotes!
Here are some of my favorites:

“She has been my friend for over 30 years
and I can take her anywhere.”
Mavis Leno, The Feminist Majority

“She is the real deal.”
Lee Mcdonald, Key Artist Group

“Gail Stocker, in addition to being a consummate professional… is, in my opinion, one of the only three people with integrity in Southern California.”
Bob Fisher, Owner of Ice House

“I’ve worked with Gail for years because she’s invariably reliable, professional, personable, and honest–rare and wonderful traits in show business.”
Mack Dryder, Comedian, Speaker

“One of the most loving, kind, intelligent, beautiful women I have the honor of knowing.”

Taylor Sterling, Author.

For more of my favorites, click here.



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