How To ‘Win-Win-Win-Win-Win’ With Your Comedy Event
Category: Comedy Talent Buying 101
Oct, 2, 2014

Comedy consultant Gail A. Stocker isn’t satisfied with a simple Win-Win’. As the owner of Gail A. Stocker Presents, a Los Angeles-based comedy company, she believes that booking comedy talent for a special event should be a Win-Win-Win-Win-Win situation’. “Many people are involved in any event and all of them need to be satisfied that they have been professional and have done a good job. First, the people paying for the event are happy because the event reached or exceeded their expectations. That’s a big win. The people who arrange for the event and often spend tremendous amounts of time making sure that every detail will be covered deserve a big win. Their careers may rest on the success of the event and they have a big investment in the outcome. The behind the scenes people deserve a big win. They make sure that every technical requirement is met and their help makes it work. Their excellence may not be noticed if all goes well but, the audience would immediately notice if the work was not properly done…The audience needs to win big time. Their satisfaction is the reason for the event and excellent response is your goal.. The performer needs a big win. They are only happy if everyone loves their work. It is also a big win for the artist when they get paid for their work. I feel exactly the same. It is a big win for me when we have achieved all of the above and I get paid.”





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