Hiring The Right Speaker Or Comedian For Your Event
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Oct, 20, 2014

Professional comedians are a popular form of entertainment at corporate events and gatherings such as awards ceremonies, celebrations, receptions, parties, conventions and beyond. They’re funny, they’re engaging and it’s a fabulous way to lighten the mood or to provide a light, fun respite for the audience.

But hiring the right corporate comedian or a professional speaker for your event can be extremely difficult. There are a number of points that should be taken into consideration when selecting a professional corporate comedian so you can ensure you get the right entertainer for your audience.

Firstly, it’s important to consider performers and their specialty. Not every comedian performs stand-ups and not every comedian performs at corporate events.

“I get long lists of requests [for comedians] who they would like to have at their event and almost always they include a lot of people who don’t do corporate events or don’t do standups,” explained Gail Stocker, founder of a Los Angeles-based corporate comedy consulting firm called Gail A. Stocker Presents. Stocker is dedicated to finding talented comedic performers for virtually any occasion; this experience has also equipped her with lots of useful tips and advice for anyone who’s seeking help finding a comedian or speaker.

What’s more, not every comedian is suitable for a corporate event “because their language is inappropriate, their content is inappropriate….oh there’s a lot of reasons why a comic may not be the right one for your event. It really behooves you to know the difference between right and wrong because a stand- up comedian with a microphone is a powerful person. In fact, they demand attention….so we have to be sure that we’re putting that microphone in the right hands,” Stocker explained.

Thinking of going down to the local comedy club to scout out a prospective comedian for your corporate event? Not recommended, according to Stocker. She explained, “It’s a really bad idea because it takes an awful lot of practice, rehearsal and knowledge of what’s appropriate in order to do corporate entertainment. The average comic at a comedy club is a disaster at a corporate event — not because they’re a bad comic, but because they don’t have the corporate experience….I require at least ten years of professional experience.”

Corporate events require tremendous talent and experience. Foul language and off color or controversial topics must be avoided, and the professional comedian must also appeal to a corporate crowd, which tends to be a bit more educated and more professional than the general population.

In addition to considering the comedian’s specialty and availability for corporate occasions, it’s essential to consider price range. The more high-profile and famous the comedian is, the more expensive their fee will be, so it’s important to select an affordable comedian with appearance fees that will match your price range.

Selecting the right corporate comedian for your upcoming event can be tricky. That’s when a professional comedy consulting firm like Gail A Stocker Presents can be helpful since a consultant will have the expertise and knowledge required to help you to select the right individual for your event. This knowledge about the various corporate comedians in your area can be extremely valuable, as a video only provides a sample of the entertainer’s style; it’s not always a good representation of the content that will be presented at your event.



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