Danielle Broussard

Danielle Broussard is a regular at The Comic Strip Live and The Comedy Cellar in New York City, where she has been a Stand-Up comic for over ten years. Her comedy sketches have included an Olympic Figure Skating spoof crossed with reality television called, Fear Skating, in which she performed a pair routine with real bugs and tarantulas on her head for Late Night with Conan O’Brien. She has also portrayed a singing Monica Lewinsky for World News Now. Danielle was a New York semi-finalist on the first season of Last Comic Standing, which won her the job as the opening act for the touring off-Broadway show, “Puppetry of the Penis.” Most recently she has been a comedy commentator for numerous shows on VH1.

Look for Danielle every Sunday night on HBO following the new show, TELL ME YOU LOVE ME, doing commentary. She has also written a chapter for Joy Behar’s new book, WHEN YOU NEED A LIFT.



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