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Oct, 20, 2014

Are you searching for an entertainer for your next celebration? Comedians are a popular choice for event entertainment, particularly for events that are intended to celebrate an occasion such as a milestone, a new product launch, an accomplishment, a retirement or another important event or occasion.

But finding the perfect comic for a celebration can be difficult, especially if you’re not entirely familiar with the world of comedians and each performer’s unique style. That’s precisely where comedy consultant Gail Stocker, founder of the Los Angeles-based comedy consulting firm Gail A. Stocker Presents, can assist!

“I’ll celebrate almost anything…I’ll celebrate at the drop of the hat. However, most of my celebrations are impromptu,” Stocker explained, adding, “Whether it’s an event or a season or a milestone or a new product, you need to pay attention, you need to plan, you need to make sure that it’s an occasion that elicits the same feeling of celebration that you feel.”

“I know lots and lots of professional comedians who are really good at helping you celebrate. They’ve been doing it a long time…They’ll make everybody happy and put everybody in a celebratory mood,” Stocker added.

A talented comedian can guide your guests into the perfect mood for your celebration, enhancing their collective experience at your event. Conversely, a comedian who’s not quite right for your event can leave your guests with a bad taste — precisely what you need to avoid!

A talented, experienced consultant with more than three decades in the field, Stocker can help you find the right comic for your audience and your event. Your entertainment should enhance your event, rather than detracting from it!

To get help planning the entertainment for your next event, contact comedy consultant Gail Stocker to find the perfect comedian for your celebration. Stocker not only works with hundreds of comedians; she also maintains connections with a wide array of performers, motivational speakers and other entertainers, so she can find the perfect entertainer for virtually any type of event or occasion



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