Carrie Snow

Carrie Snow has a lot of balls in the air.

Whether performing her hilarious yet touching solo show, “7,000 Sailors Can’t Be Wrong,” doing stand-up comedy and voiceovers, or basking in the glow of being featured in “The Aristocrats,” she’s a busy gal.

Carrie’s stand-up career was foreshadowed by her graduation from UC Berkeley with a degree in Rhetoric. She was barely able to eke out a living posing provocative questions that required no response. Apparently, there’s not a lot of call for that. While working as a receptionist a Kaiser Hospital in Oakland, Carrie began “professional party guesting,” which led to being handily escorted out of many fashionable homes in the Bay Area. A harrowing stint as the emcee of an all-male strip show made Carrie dream of spending quality time with a man who could read a book without illustrations.

The road memories: Carrie’s the only comic who can say that she opened up for both Jack Jones AND the Red Hot Chili Peppers in the same decade. But lest we forget, there are also sojourns to thirty-six U.S. states, six provinces in Canada, cruise ships, English television, and even a week in Guam. She’s headlined at CAROLINE’S, THE PUNCH LINES, THE IMPROVISATIONS, THE COMEDY STORES, and CAESAR’S TAHOE, to name a few.

In addition to the road, Carrie was regularly on television doing every stand-up ensemble show from PBS’ COMEDY TONIGHT (which she later hosted for two award-winning seasons), AN EVENING AT THE IMPROV (later hosting a BEST-OF episode), to guesting on every talker from THE SALLY JESSE RAPHAEL SHOW, MARILU, VICKI1, THE LATE SHOW, ‘A’ LIST, LEEZA, to CAROLINE’S, and COMEDY CENTRAL. Her original Comedy Tonight performance was nominated for a local Emmy award, but was beaten out by a dog show. Lots of prisoners wrote letters.

CRISTINA & FRIENDS was to be a precursor to The View, with Cristina Ferrare filling Barbara Walters’ pumps. Carrie was there too, enjoying the live talk format in addition to the clothes, hair, and makeup every day.

Then Carrie was hired by Roseanne to write stand-up and special projects like THE MTV MUSIC AWARDS, and the monologue and sketches when Roseanne hosted SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE. This segued into three seasons as a Story Editor on ROSEANNE, where Carrie ran her own “joke room.” She guest-starred on the sitcom as well. When Roseanne conceived her daily talker, Carrie was an original hire. You’d have to buy her a big strappin’ cocktail to hear any more about that.

A book, “My Mom’s Meaner Than Your Mom: True Stories of Mean Mothers,” is in Development. It just never ends. Carrie practices anusara yoga and is trying to make the world a better place, one laugh at a time.



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