Carlos Oscar
Category: Latino Comedians
Oct, 14, 2014

Carlos Oscar is known for his charming, witty and energetic stage persona. He fully acts out his jokes by telling stories and morphing in various characters and voices. Carlos jokes most about the humorous side of his family, society, and everyday mishaps. His comedy appeals to the mass audience.

As a Puerto Rican born in the New York City, but raised in Los Angeles, Carlos now considers himself a proud “MexiRican.” Carlos tributes the late Freddie Prince as being the greatest comic influence in his life. “As an 11 year-old kid watching Chico and the Man, I looked up to him. He made me realize that you can be both funny and clean and still make people laugh. With an intuitively uncanny ability to uncover the humor beneath everyday issues that seem “oh-so-serious ,” Carlos Oscar’s one–two jab delivery hits audience members hard. They can’t help but roll with the punch lines.



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