Brothers From Different Mothers
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Oct, 14, 2014

At first, it’s hard to wrap the mind around what Matt Baker and Alex Zerbe call a job. Imagine a job description that involves making people laugh while doing things like spearing vegetables in mid air and juggling 6 balls. That is what Alex and Matt, the Brothers from Different Mothers have chosen as their profession. For the last seven years the Brothers have used their comedy and juggling show to stamp their passports and pay the bills. Far from the jugglers you might see at a children’s birthday party, the Brothers perform at Corporate Events, Colleges, Cruise Ships and Theaters across the world. A resume that boasts two Guinness World Records, appearances on America’s Got Talent, Chinese national television and Fox Sports, plus performances in 14 countries and in all 50 states are accomplishments an average entertainer would be happy with over the course of a career but the Brothers have achieved all that in only 7 years. It’s not hard to see why they were voted Seattle’s funniest comedy team and are considered one of the hottest variety acts in North America.

You might ask yourself what type of person decides they want to become a professional comedy juggler. The answer is different for each of the brothers but the one thing that has driven them to this career is a passion to make people laugh. Matt, who plays the older brother in the show but in all actuality, is the younger of the two was born and raised in Eugene Oregon. At 17 he toured Europe for 6 months as part of the first ever-international footbag (hackysack) team. With the agility it takes to compete at a high level of footbag juggling came easy to him. Matt, now 26, is the head comedy writer for the Brothers and the straight man in the comic pairing.

The other half of the duo is Alex Zerbe. Alex now lives in Olympia, WA but was born and raised in Seattle. Also a professional footbag player, Alex excelled rapidly at the sport, taking 8th place at the World Footbag Championships in 2002. His footbag and juggling career was in jeopardy in 2005 when he had a nasty spill while biking down a hill in Seattle. 15 stitches and a torn ACL couldn’t stop Alex from performing a show in Chicago three days later. Dedication and commitment is what it takes to make it in the entertainment industry and The Brothers have just that. Their success didn’t come easy, working their way from performing the show on the streets of Seattle to such prestigious venues like the San Francisco Palace of the Fine Arts, NBA halftime shows and a tour oversees performing for American Troops.

Their ascendancy is a testament at how committed they are to their show that takes them away from home 120 days a year. The show they have created is a modern take on the classic straight man, goofy man formula made famous by the likes of the Smothers Brothers and Martin and Lewis. The Brothers show is a theatrical vaudeville experience that appeals to all ages. Stunts that include catching a horse with a face, juggling with the mouth and feet, passing saw blades while standing on one another and a continuous barrage of laughter is what you will witness when the brothers take the stage. What they do is incredible to the audience but to the brothers it is all just another day on the job.



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