Booking Clean Comedy For Your Event
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Oct, 20, 2014

Corporate comedy is not like stand-up at your favorite comedy club. Hiring the right performer for your corporate event can be challenging.  You’re looking for someone who can deliver a clean comedy show, without obscenity or potentially offensive content.

Corporate events can include a wide array of gatherings, from conventions and award ceremonies, to receptions, company parties and product launches. But all of these events share one thing in common: they are professional events and you need a professional corporate comedy performer who can accommodate you by delivering a tasteful, clean comedy performance designed to deliver your message and appeal to your audience.

According to Gail Stocker, founder of the Los Angeles-based corporate comedy consulting firm, Gail A. Stocker Presents, it’s best to find a performer who specializes in corporate events and can accommodate your requests for a tasteful, clean comedy show.

In addition, Stocker recommends learning more about a performer than is supplied in a video clip.  A clip will show you style and maybe some substance but it is only a brief taste of what can be provided.  You can ask for more. Does the performer have lateral skills?  Does the performer customize?  Do you like their approach and presentation? Are there other choices available?  Are they corporate clean and professional as well?

To learn more about Gail A. Stocker Presents and to obtain expert assistance in finding a talented professional corporate comedian who can deliver a tasteful and clean comedy show for your upcoming event, contact Comedy Contact.



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