Bill Engvall

Sharing the humor in everyday situations which people relate to has made Bill Engvall one of the country’s top comedians.

Bill Engvall’s latest CD, Dorkfish was ranked #1 on Billboard’s Comedy Chart, surpassing Jerry Seinfeld’s album. Bill has also just come out with a new single and video entitled Hollywood Indian Guide, which is guaranteed to become a favorite on radio stations and television.

“Anyone who liked Bill Engvall’s previous album Here’s Your Sign will enjoy Dorkfish. Bill says, “The material is more playful and relatable and I take more chances on this album, but it still remains clean and family oriented.” In case you are wondering, a Dorkfish is a prehistoric porpoise with a huge overbite.

Engvall’s comedy encompasses a wide range of topics that include kids, family life and animals. But it was Bill’s Here’s Your Sign signature routine that garnered him national attention and the one audiences remember and come back for again and again. The album was #1 on the Billboard Comedy Chart for 15 straight weeks, peaked at #5 on Billboard’s Current Country Album Chart, 17 weeks in the Country Album Top 10 and reached the Top 50 on Billboard’s Top 200 Album Chart.

Collaborating with country artist Travis Tritt on a video also entitled Here’s Your Sign , Bill Engvall became a fixture on the playlists of CMT and TNN while the single of the same name became the most requested single on country radio. The album Here’s Your Sign was certified Gold within the year of its release and continues to climb the charts.

Bill Engvall also won the Best Seller Comedy Album award at the 1997 NARM convention, outselling albums by Chris Rock and Adam SandIer. Bill’s humor has extended into the world books with the publication of You Don’t Have To Be Dumb To Be Stupid.

A native of Galveston, Texas, Bill Engvall moved to Dallas and was working as a disc jockey at a nightclub when he decided to try his hand at stand-up comedy. Though he originally planned to be a teacher, Bill soon found that making people laugh was truly his forte. Engvall then made the move to Los Angeles to pursue film and television opportunities.

Starting with the Showtime special, A Pair of Jokers with Rosie O’Donnell. Bill Engvall has hosted A&E’s Evening at the lmprov and made several appearances on The Tonight Show as well as Late Show with David Letterman. In 1992 Bill won the American Comedy Award for Best Male Stand-up Comedian. After appearing in episodes of Designing Women and Golden Palace, Engvall went on to portray Buck Overton on the ABC sitcom Delta starring Delta Burke, thus solidifying his status as a sought-after comic actor. This was followed by a co-starring role on NBC’s The Jeff Foxworthy Show.

Though he loves television roles, Engvall says he would never give, up performing live, “When you’re doing stand-up live, you achieve an intimacy with the audience you can’t get on TV,” he says. “There’s not a better feeling in the world then when you look out and see the audience is identifying with you. There are enough problems in everyday life. If you come to my show for an hour and just enjoy life again, then I’ve done my job.”



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