Andrew Kennedy

Andrew Kennedy was born in Bogota, Colombia. His mother is a short Colombian woman, his father an absent-minded Englishman.

Andrew spent his childhood moving around the world. By the time he was thirteen, he’d lived in seven countries, spanning three continents. Although the reason has never been disclosed, the Kennedys were obviously “fleeing” in an apparent search for sanctuary, which they finally found in an exclusive New England town.

One fun Kennedy family tradition was the ritual “Tag Sale of Tears” where the most revered possessions (GI Joe Action Figures, Tonka Trucks, Big Wheels and such) would be sold before moving to another country. This, of course, lead to deep-rooted abandonement issues (not from the Kennedy boys as much as their toys).

The three Kennedy boys couldn’t look more different. The coupling of two people of such different ethnic backgrounds can produce … just about anything. Fortunately, this has not prevented them from developing strong familial traditions.

Andrew lives with his wife and two young sons in Connecticut, about an hour from New York City (barring any nasty ‘deer’ incidents) where he currently performs weekly as a headliner at all the major clubs.

He just returned from touring in Holland (wonderful grasp of the English language there … the US should take note) and will appear in theaters later this summer in a movie titled “Manhattan Comedy Night,” which follows five New York comics in a New Jersey theater. He can also be seen on Comedy Central, BET, Univision and an assortment of independent films which will undoubtedly come back to haunt him.



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