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Quotes about Gail

“I cannot put into words – me, who thinks he’s so good with words (thank you Joan Baez) – I cannot put into words what a compliment from you means. Thank you, Gail.”
Taylor Mason, comedian

“Taylor makes me feel wealthier.”
Gail Stocker

“Gail is my maven.”
Larry G. Jones, comedian

“Gail has become ‘kind of an icon'”
Ian Kirby, Publisher, American Corporate Entertainment, which featured Gail A. Stocker

“If you haven’t worked with Gail, she is an amazing resource for comedy. You will not be disappointed!”
Doug Robbins, Concert Producer

“One of the best eyes for talent in the business.”
Jimmy Miller, Mosaic Media Group

“Gail Stocker… Knowledgeable, reliable, trustworthy. She tells it like it is. What more could you ask for?”
Penny Bigelow, President, The Entertainment Connection, Inc.

Gail made a difference. The gig was better because she was there.”
Ron White, Comedian

“She has been my friend for over 30 years and I can take her anywhere.”
Mavis Leno, The Feminist Majority

She’s a meshuggeneh, but she’s my meshuggeneh.”
Robert Wuhl, star of Arli$$

“We’ve been friends since the first day we met”
Larry Miller, Comedian

“I can’t imagine anyone saying no to Gail.”

Carrie Terraccino, Gail’s assistant and screenwriting prodogy.

“The event last night, and your clients, was representative of the organization itself. Classy, intelligent, positive and most of all fun.”
Georgann Grunebach, Assistant General Counsel, DIRECTV

“Everyone should have a Gail in their life”
Geno Michellini, Legendary DJ and the creator of ‘The 5 O’Clock Funnies’

“When a person can focus on only one sector of the vast entertainment business and make a success of it for more than 30 years… they have to be doing everything right!”
Pamela Scrape ~ Entertainment Consultant/Producer

“Gail is exactly what you need when you need something done exactly. Gail is better than MapQuest… She is GailQuest.”
AJ Jamal, comedian

“Your help was invaluable and your advice was right on the money!”
Michelle Garber, California Women’s Law Center

“She is the real deal”
-Lee Mcdonald, Key Artist Group

“She can hold my wallet.”
Joey Edmonds, Joey Edmonds Management

“She’s the queen of comedy.”
Bruce Merrin, Bruce Merrin’s Celebrity Speakers & Entertainment

“It’s good to know there are still true professionals out there other than us. A very enlightening talk.”
Jamel Raines,Blaire Entertainment, Inc.

“I can honestly say you have been one of the most inspirational and driven women to appear in the magazine yet.”
K. Anne Williams, Fab Woman

“Gail has great vision, which she then passes onto me, which makes me look good to the client. I love it when other people make me look good. Thanks, Gail.”
Steve Altman, Comedian

“Awesome comic! Everything was professionally handled, and went off without a hitch.”
Heidi Sause, Dir. of Center for Entrepreneurship, University of Portland

“Gail Stocker has been my friend and trusted confidante for more years than I’m allowed to remember. Her instincts are natural and finely-honed, her integrity is unparalleled, and she’s one person who can always get me to put my money where her mouth is.”
Jack Ong, Comedian

“If you want to make sure of getting the funniest bang for your buck, you only need one number:
Gail Stocker’s.”
Steve B Young, comedy club owner

“Your skills are sorely needed in this business.”
Andrea Jenks, MH1 Productions

“To quote Bob Maurer: ‘I wish you the joy of many great teachers.’ I am forever grateful for what I learned from Bob. We all know that a journey of 1,000 miles starts with a single step. Bob teaches you how to successfully take the journey.”
Gail A Stocker, about: Bob Maurer, Phd., The Science of Excellence

“I so admire your passion and your purpose…”
Bob Maurer, Phd, The Science of Excellence

“People sometimes forget that we are in a business that calls for knowledge of the product, as well as great service. You have not forgotten those lessons. I choose to work with you because I know you will tell me the truth and keep me in business by keeping my clients happy. The acts that you have provided me with are truly talented and a joy to work with.”
Beth Martin, CMS

“She has the relationships”.
Mark Felix, Director of Entertainment Services/Drury Design Dynamics

“She’s right in a sea of wrongs.”
Shang, Comedian

“When I need sound advice from a seasoned pro who knows the ropes like no one else, I call Gail Stocker.”
Johnny Lampert, Comedian

“Gail is the ultimate professional…great taste and plenty of attention to detail.”
Marty Pollio, Comedian

“Gail Stocker knows the comedy business better than anyone I’ve worked with yet. She’s sharp, genuinely friendly, extremely well-connected, and highly knowledgeable. Most importantly, she cares! That’s both refreshing and inspiring in this business. If you aren’t working with her, you should be!”
Marc Nelson, Richard De La Font Agency, Inc. Marc is also an animal lover.

“She’s a veritable trove of comedy information.”
Andy Cahill, Cahill & Hetrick

“Gail Stocker, in addition to being a consummate professional… is, in my opinion, one of the only three people with integrity in Southern California.”
Bob Fisher, Owner of Ice House

“I knew when I signed with Gail for representation I made one of the best decisions of my life. She saw beyond my acting talent and recognized a new potential, that of Movie Producer. Since making the transition with Gail’s help, I’ve produced several successful movies in the last few years. In case I lose at this year’s Emmy Awards, let me say now: I’d like to thank Gail Stocker for her undying loyalty, her integrity as a woman, her brutal honesty, but most importantly… for introducing me to Zoloft.”
Kevin Goetz, Producer

“I consider Gail a treasured resource.”
Kenny Rahtz, Greater Talent Network

“Gail is a pro. She knows the business so she can match the right comedian with the right client. I can always be comfortable knowing every gig will go smoothly. An absolute pleasure to work with.”
Dan St. Paul

“There’s never been an overlooked detail. She is a true and dedicated professional.”
Richard Jeni

“I love Gail. Back in the ’80’s, she was truly one of the benefits of being a member of the Conference of Personal Managers. She showed me the value of relationships and networking. To this day, she never ceases to amaze me with her ingenuity and creativity.”
Holly Williams, Williams Unlimited

“I know Gordon is going to have a good home. No worries.”
Carla Lawson, Paw’d Squad Animal Rescue>

“Without Gail Stocker there never would have been The Five O’Clock Funnies on KLOS. Gail’s knowledge and connections were instrumental in making the Funnies the highest rated afternoon feature is Southern California radio history. She knows her stuff.”
Geno Michellini, DJ, Creator of Five O’Clock Funnies

“Gail does my corporates the way I want them done.”
Ralph Harris, Comedian

“The comedians were a HUGE success! I look forward to working with you in the future. The client was “over the top” with compliments. So let me say thank you for a wonderful experience”
-Evan Gray, Director of Production Services, Extraordinary Events

“Gail Stocker is ‘fairly unique’ as a resource for corporate comedy.”
Leona Plaugh, Executive Director of IACEP, The International Association of Corporate Entertainment Producers.

” We have worked together for years and she is the best… Gail has access to the best comedians and has personal experience with the ones she presents.”
Bob Grabow, Grabow & Associates Inc.

“Gail Stocker is a true visionary. She likes purple, cats, Christmas and serves awesome Hors d’oeuvres. No one is a better friend than Gail. No one.”
Sue Wolf, I Get 2 Work

“As always, you are spot on when it comes to talent and fit.”
-Joy Taylor, Sirius Radio talk show host

“Gail is the ultimate comedy guru.”
-Clare O’Boyle, Senior Director, Entertainment & Speakers US and International

“Gail, you are a total pro and I enjoy working with you. Hope to call on you again in the near future!”
Jamie Hartnett, Celebrity Talent International

“You are , as always, a class act, Ms. Stocker. A real class act.”
John Wing, Comedian

“I have worked with Gail for a VERY long time and whether I needed her to provide me with the talent to fill a small club, a 20,000 seat arena, or cast an on air production, she has handled the job with the same extraordinary level of taste, integrity and professionalism.”
Steve Young, Comedian

“Gail is a rare breed in the business world. She would never do anything to advance in business that would in someway do harm to someone else. I recommend her without reservation. She’s good people.”
Frank King, Comedian

“Gail is creative, very knowledgeable of her field, easy to work with, and flexible. I have admired her grasp of a client’s needs and her ability to find a good match for them whatever their occasion or venue.”
Olga Clement, Independent Mental Health Care Professional

“Gail is known as a savvy judge of talent and extraordinarily well connected in the world of stand-up comedy. Few people have the breadth of experience, and extensive list of personal relationships, as Gail does with the famous and not-so-famous, among those of us who are lucky enough to consider themselves comics. I recommend Gail as the go-to person in connecting a client with a talent. She’ll know who’ll you’ll need to make your event a success.”
Milt Abel, Comedian

“I’ve worked with Gail for years because she’s invariably reliable, professional, personable, and honest–rare and wonderful traits in show business.”
Mack Dryden, Comedian, Speaker

“Having been involved with the comedy scene since the 80’s, Gail has a deep knowledge of the industry. She knows who’s good and how to fit the right comic with the client’s needs. As a comedian who’s been around, I know that there isn’t a comic who doesn’t know and love Gail. She never stops working to get the comics on her roster booked.”
Monica Piper, Comedian

“Humble bow of thanks…”
Glenn C. Reimer, Fourth Wall Events

“You are, as always, a class act, Ms. Stocker. A real class act.”
John Wing – Comedian

“Everyone should have a boss like Gail.”  Carrie A. Terraccino – Screenwriter, Assistant to Gail

“Humor is my favorite form of conflict resolution.”
Gail Stocker

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