Nick Revell

Nick Revell’s extensive writing credits for radio and television include The Million Pound Radio Show, Drop the Dead Donkey and Sunday Format, which won the 1999 British Comedy Award for best radio comedy.

Nick co-hosted Radio 4 satirical election shows with John Oliver in 2005. He has also hosted Open Book – Radio 4’s highbrow book program.

For 5 years, Nicl has produced, written, performed in, and sometimes hosted topical podcast No Pressure to be Funny.

Nick quit stand-up comedy when he noticed that people were laughing at him and was in psychotherapy for almost three years trying to deal with his lack of self-esteem until he realized he didn’t deserve his therapist’s attention.

Nick has returned to stand-up. He lives in London and wherever else he happens to be at the time.

Edinburgh Fringe 2008, Nick Revell: Sleepless

“Nick Revell’s show … a testament to Revell’s eloquence and fluidity. He can talk engaging across a wide range of subjects, always holding the attention without resort to artificial structure to prop him up. …There is clearly a ferocious intelligence at the heart of everything he does, not to mention an unflagging desire to highlight injustice.”



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