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Oct, 6, 2014

Growing up outside of St. Louis, Randy & Jason Sklar had a typical suburban upbringing – playing soccer and baseball after school, hanging out with friends. Then they found comedy.

The two began performing in High School at a local comedy club and continued through college hosting a monthly, on-campus comedy night at The University of Michigan at Ann Arbor. Upon graduation, the two applied and were accepted to law school, but convinced their parents to let them defer their enrollment for a year so they could move to New York and pursue comedy.

Moving to New York in 1994, the brothers worked at a variety of jobs during the day to support their comedy performances at night. Within two years, they developed their unique style – “a tag team delivery in which one talks over the end of the other’s sentence, completing, adding to or reaffirming his comment (much like the raps of The Beastie Boys),” said The New York Times. Their comedy accepts the reality of being twins but does not use it as a crutch. “Instead”, notes the Times, “they work with their physical and mental similarities and correspondences, their status as imperfect carbon copies of each other. In their comedy, the straight man is often an echo.”

The team presented two shows in New York throughout 1996, “Double Agents,” a four-episode comedy show set up like a sitcom, and “Flamingo Lounge,” in which the two play Las Vegas agents looking to siphon performers from the downtown Manhattan scene. The shows attracted the attention of MTV’s talent executives looking to develop a different kind of comedy show.

What they came up with was “Apartment 2F” – a sitcom format based around Randy and Jason’s characters living in New York City. The format allowed the team to work into the plot live comedy performance, comedic characters and short films by other performers. The show aired on MTV from July 13 1997 through November of 1997 with rave reviews including The Hollywood Reporter declaring that the Sklars’ could be the Seinfeld of the late ’90’s.

In the last two years Randy & Jason have been seen regularly on national television, performing stand-up comedy as guests on “Late Night with Conan O’Brien” on NBC, “The Late Late Show with Craig Kilborne” on CBS, “Premium Blend” on Comedy Central, and HBO’s “Comedy Showcase with Louie Anderson.” They have also appeared as guest stars on ABC’s “It’s Like You Know,” and “Action” on FOX. They will next be seen opposite Vince Vaughn in the feature film “The Prime Gig,” and as the voices of Siamese twins Biff & Chip on the WB’s new animated series “The Oblongs.”

Randy & Jason currently reside in Los Angeles. They continue to perform stand-up all over the country.

Randy and Jason Sklar who are also identical twins are available for corporate engagements. You may already know this extraordinary duo, from their MTV series apartment 2f. or their critically acclaimed appearances on “Late Night with Conan O’ Brian,” “The Late Late Show with Craig Kilborne,” HBO, Comedy Central, and ABC’s Its Like You Know.

Their perfect chemistry and attitude are a brand new thing for a broad range of corporate settings. The Sklars are brilliantly funny, versatile, adaptable, appropriate and universally appealing.



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