Rondell Sheridan
Rondell Sheridan

Rondell Sheridan has the ability to transform ordinary occurrences into hilarious and hearty tales. This is a mark of a truly great comedian: In an age where stand-up is under attack for its bawdy content, Sheridan disarms his audiences with a wholesome ease, a mixture of playful physicality, facial expressions and a gift to continually shift comedic gears and personas.

“Minor Adjustments” was co-created by Sheridan and will forever be remembered as the first and only show to premiere on one network (NBC) then to be sold and aired on a second (UPN) during the same TV season.

“Minor Adjustments” proved to be a perfect vehicle for Sheridan, it was a family comedy described as a cross between “The Bob Newhart Show” and “The Cosby Show.” Sheridan portrayed a child psychologist, who was the voice of sanity amongst his dysfunctional co-workers, family and friends.



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